Analysis: Why are celebrity biographies often controversial?

CNN – With the 95th Academy Awards nominations announced this week, we’re going strong into awards season. Fasten seat belts! the The scent of fresh debate hung in the air, about who should win and who shouldn’t, which nomination was the greatest surprise, and, of course, what omission was the greatest snub. What is pop … Read more

German Critics Oscar Nominee All Quiet on the Western Front | Movies

wWith nine Academy Award nominations and a leading 14 Bafta Film Awards wins next month, it could become the most decorated German film of all time. But in its native land, Edward Berger’s All Quiet On the Western Front left critics distinctly unimpressed. The film, which has been commissioned by Netflix and released on the … Read more

The Academy is now conducting a “review” of Andrea Riseborough’s nomination to Leslie

Andrea Riseboroughpicture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage (Getty Images) Motion Picture Academy Arts and Sciences issued a statement this afternoon, revealing that “Carry out a review of the campaign procedures for this year’s candidates, to ensure that no guidelines have been breached, and to advise us whether changes to the guidelines are needed in the new era … Read more

This new surprise jewel scrolling game looks like moshing through the battlefield

screenshot: Tango Gameworks Have you ever found yourself walking to the beat of a song you played? If so, you will likely feel bad Hi-Fi Rush. I’ve spent a few hours playing the rhythm action game from Tango Gameworks, and I’m glad you liked how satisfied you were with a game that more or less … Read more

Best Movies & TV (January 27-29)

infinity pool; poker face Photo illustration: an eagle. photo: neon; peacock Alexander Skarsgard, Natasha Lyonne, Harrison Ford, Eddie Murphy, oh my! It’s totally refreshing that this week’s recommendations have such a stacked lineup of actors (and crews behind the camera). There’s a new Brandon Cronenberg featurette from the Sundance premiere, with SkarsgĂ„rd wearing a dog … Read more

‘Evil’, ‘The Peasants’ and ‘Vomiting’ – Eva Green’s WhatsApp Messages Exude Star Quality | Movies

a Much of Eva Green’s success is due to her sense of the unknown. This is a woman who stays out of the celebrity circle, not given to blurring out every waking thought on social media. Researchers are constantly struggling to get to the bottom of it. Since her breakout on Bertolucci’s The Dreamers nearly … Read more

DG MARTIN COLUMN: Should more North Carolina books be made into movies? – The Stanley News & Press

DG MARTIN COLUMN: Should more North Carolina books be made into movies? Posted at 9:30 am Tuesday, January 24, 2023 Why aren’t more North Carolina books being made into movies? We ask ourselves though: Where the Giraffes Sing, based on the popular North Carolina bookstore, was a huge hit last summer. DJ Martin Thanks in … Read more

Mia Goth gets off the deep end

picture: neon It’s a little perfect infinity poolWritten and directed by Brandon Cronenberg, Debuts like the subject of “newborns” (those who have gained an unfair professional advantage through family ties) is frantically popular. It’s not entirely unreasonable to ask who gets the keys to our collective cultural ship, but in the case of David Cronenberg … Read more

Sundance 2023: Judy Blum and Nikki Giovanni’s films prove that good art is timeless

It is almost without fail that whenever you talk about a famous and older work of art, someone will feel the need to qualify it by saying, “It actually holds up pretty well.” As if to say that good art ends or somehow becomes inconsequential once it reaches a certain age, and it can’t stand … Read more

The Oscars competitions you need to see

The Oscar nominations will be announced next week. I contacted culture writer Shirley Lee to get her tips on the movies and hype you should know about. But first, here are three new stories from Atlantic Ocean. top guns Isabelle Fattal: Are there big themes that emerged from this award season, or any lessons for … Read more