Kanye West suspected the battery was being investigated after the woman’s phone was thrown away

Kanye West is reportedly under investigation after he snatched a woman’s phone from her hand and threw it away when she refused to stop filming it. According to a viral videothe rapper turned fashion designer was leaving his daughter North’s basketball game when he noticed the dots following him. Although it is unclear if the … Read more

The iPhone 14’s prize feature launched the biggest phone trend of 2023

Next time you find yourself needing to send a text while you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, you might be able to look up at the sky, where low-Earth satellites can help send out an SOS, no matter what device you have. Last year, Apple became the first technology company to introduce new capabilities … Read more

no internet? That’s fine, you can still use Google Maps on your phone

Two weeks ago, my friends and I got lost while returning to our cabin in Mariposa, near Yosemite National Park. A major snowstorm engulfed the Sierra Nevada mountain range, and many busy highways, streets, and smaller roads were closed. We wanted to save time on our drive, so we decided to take a shortcut (bad … Read more

3 ways your phone can save you time and money at the store

Image source: Getty Images Do they make phone calls anymore?! the main points Few of us leave the house without our phones, which makes it an ideal place to keep your shopping list. Use the retailer’s mobile apps to earn rewards and use digital coupons. Barcode scanners allow you to easily compare stores by scanning … Read more

A new invention of nanomaterials raises the possibility of phone battery recycling

Engineers at RMIT University have made mobile phone battery recycling possible with a new rust removal invention. Thanks to a nanomaterials innovation developed by RMIT University engineers, instead of throwing away portable batteries after two or three years, a mobile phone battery can be recycled, extending its life to three times longer than today’s technology. … Read more

Can my phone do that? Find hidden and hacking apps on your smartphone.

Smartphones are the obvious tech gadget to have in 2023. More than 85% of us own one. We use it for several hours a day for almost everything from texting, talking, and taking photos or videos – to shopping, working, communicating on social media, and so much more. However, are we making the most of … Read more

How to clear cache on your Android phone or tablet (and why you should)

Jason Cipriani/ZDNET If you are experiencing slow performance on a smartphone or tablet, there are common troubleshooting steps you can take and they often fix them. Simply restarting your device can solve a lot of problems. Another popular way to increase performance, or at least free up extra storage space, on your Android phone is … Read more

New York Rep. Jerry Nadler was accused of hypocrisy for opposing cell phone towers in the area

“Not in my backyard,” says one of the city’s most prominent liberal politicians after the city proposed a 32-foot cell phone tower on the Upper East Side. Rep. Jerry Nadler – who has called on city officials to shut down Rikers Island – Co-sign a letter It was sent to the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission … Read more

Your next Android phone will be even better because of Apple and magnets

Among the many robots, televisions, electric vehicles and This hair printer At CES was a quiet announcement of the next generation of wireless charging for phones and other devices with rechargeable batteries. Qi2 (pronounced “chee two”) is the follow-up to Qi wireless charging found in phones like the iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Google … Read more

Is your internet slow on your Windows laptop, but not on your phone? Here’s how to fix it

Is your internet connection blazing fast on your phone but acting like a lazy turtle on your laptop? Stream HD videos smoothly on your mobile device without buffering but struggle to even open a website on your laptop browser? What is the reason for this abusive treatment of different devices through your Internet? In this … Read more