Will Cuylle’s NHL debut gives the Rangers a much-needed physical boost

Will Cuylle will make his NHL debut with the Rangers on Wednesday night against the Maple Leafs in front of friends and family in his hometown of Toronto. Cuylle’s story unfolded better than it could ever have been written. He’s poised to launch his NHL career two years, three months and 20 days after the … Read more

The authors derive a unified topological speed limit for the evolution of physical states

The topological speed limit indicates that the topological structure constrains the speed of physical systems, such as chemical reactions and bosonic systems that interact with many bodies. Credit: Vu & Saito Physical systems evolve at a certain speed, which depends on various factors including the so-called topological structure of the system (i.e. spatial properties that … Read more

Procrastination is linked to poor mental and physical health

summary: Procrastination is associated with increased anxiety, stress, pain, unhealthy lifestyles, and delays in seeking help for general health problems. Source: Conversation College students have a lot of freedom but not a lot of organization. This can be detrimental to habitual procrastinators. Studies have shown that at least half of college students procrastinate to a … Read more

Map2Earn to help integrate the physical and virtual worlds

Blockchain fuels the development of new and often unpredictable markets and economies driven by the demand for innovation. From unprecedented crowdfunding mechanisms to Play-to-Profit (P2E) and Movement-to-Money (M2E) models, decentralized technology is empowering communities like never before. One of the next big things in today’s tech revolution is something called Map2Earn – an emerging and … Read more

Physical education teacher Belinda Norton shares the 5 things she’s learned in her 25 years in the industry

The physical education teacher who looks better now in her 40s than she did in her 20s has shared five things she learned in 25 years in the industry that have completely transformed her health and body. Belinda Norton, 45, from the Gold Coast, said ‘successful body health’ is less about a short-term quick fix … Read more