NASA takes its best look yet at the ‘deepest, coldest ice’ in space that produces stars, planets and the ‘building blocks of life’

An international team of astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has obtained an in-depth inventory of the deepest, coldest ice yet measured in a molecular cloud. NASA, the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, and M. Zamani (ESA) Before stars become huge glowing bodies of hot gas and planets develop conditions that can … Read more

Saving wildlife and ecosystems benefits Florida residents and the entire planet

It’s time to give up saving the planet. Nature is crippled, so it doesn’t care about the environment. In the new year, focus on taking care of the clean air and water behind you and find other things to focus on. or not. There may be reasons to believe in nature’s nurturing. Recently, leaders from … Read more

Polar Vortex: How does it feel to get so cold when the planet is warming?

When the air outside is cold enough to freeze your skin in a matter of minutes, it can be difficult to realize that climate change is real and that the planet is warming. However, the winter effects of a phenomenon such as the arctic polar vortex are not signs of slowing global warming and climate … Read more

One Planet forces Star Wars to tell a new kind of Jedi story

residence Comics News One Planet forces Star Wars to tell a new kind of Jedi story Star Wars has a lot of dynamic and fascinating planets, but in Jedha, the adventures of the Jedi become companion cop stories in ways not seen anywhere else in the franchise. Warning: Contains spoilers for Star Wars: The High … Read more

The Webb Space Telescope is revealing dusty remnants of planet formation never seen before

These two images of the dusty debris disk around AU Mic, a red dwarf star located 32 light-years away in the southern constellation Microscopium. The team used a near infrared webcam (NIRCam) to study the AU microphone. NIRCam’s crown, which blocked out the intense light of the central star, allowed the team to study the … Read more

How the World Bank can help save the planet

breadcrumb links PMN Business Big banks want multilateral development institutions to act like insurance companies, reducing the risk of private investors funding climate-friendly projects. Article author: Bloomberg News Alister Marsh Posted January 17, 2023 • 3 minutes to read Join the conversation The headquarters of the World Bank Group in Washington, D.C., US, on Tuesday, … Read more

Daylight is longer than darkness, the dance of the evening planet

February 11, 2023: Daylight is longer than dark today until Halloween. Venus is moving toward Jupiter in the west-southwest, while Mars is moving east against Taurus. Plot Caption – 2023: The length of daylight, dark and twilight for the year 2023 were calculated from US Naval Observatory data. By Jeffrey L Hunt Chicago, IL: Sunrise, … Read more

Do you want to eat healthy and save the planet? Scientists advise replacing beef with this

The analysis found that for every kilogram of beef replaced with a kilogram of spirulina, one could save nearly 100 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions, 340 square meters of land, and 1,400 liters of water. In a recent study led by Dr. Asaf Tzakor, a researcher in the School of Sustainability at Reichmann University, he … Read more

The Arizona Biosphere 2 project continues the mission of exploring a changing planet

Built in 1991 to study the prospects of humans in outer space, the facility is a breeding ground for Earth science experiments ORACLE, AZ — From the beginning, the Biosphere 2 project has included all the components of a large-scale Earth science experiment that has profound implications for human survival in outer space. Can a … Read more