Heat Laurie is experiencing a change in role, direction and playing time

Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry (7) leads Minnesota Timberwolves guard Bryan Forbes (10) during the first quarter of an NBA game at FTX Arena in Miami, Fla., on Monday, Dec. 26, 2022. David Santiago dsantiago@miamiherald.com He arrived 18 months early as the seemingly missing piece – a polished, balanced, standout point guard with a championship … Read more

The Rangers are still not playing their best hockey yet heading into the second half

The Rangers’ 60 minutes in shutting out the Golden Knights 4-1 well in the park Friday night was a microcosm of the now-completed pre-All-Star portion of the season. Because, other than being recognized for the necessary star work by Garou Hallak at the network, the Rangers haven’t been all that impressive. They made a lot … Read more

Slash talks about a new book, childhood with Joni Mitchell, how he “stumbled into” playing the guitar, and why Guns N’ Roses is likely to be canceled in this day and age.

The Guns N’ Roses guitar slash god sure has lived a wild life, and if he wanted to write a rousing memoir filled with themes typical of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll, dozens of publishing houses would surely give him an offer. Only the audio album GN’R Lies — who turns 35 this year … Read more

SANE founder says ‘I don’t think playing the victim helps’ after Meghan Markle’s suicidal thoughts

‘I don’t think playing the victim helps’: Mental health charity SANE says Meghan Markle should ‘find ways to live with whatever disability or defect you have’ after telling the Duchess of her suicidal thoughts Marjorie Wallace was asked about Meghan as she revealed her suicidal thoughts Mental health charity SANE says it doesn’t love ‘the … Read more

The scariest thing about M3gan? Her style of playing the piano.

This weekend, I gave in to pulling all the meme-y marketing and took to the stage to watch the horror-comedy’s surprise hit M3gan. I enjoyed it overall – the jokes are funny, the jump scares are effective, and the robot-centric plot is a rather clever addition to a fresh new wave of AI angst. It’s … Read more

Why Some Black Investors Are Still “Playing” Cryptocurrency Despite Winter, FTX

Illustration: Megan Robinson / Axios The cryptocurrency bear market hasn’t spooked some black investors, who originally embraced the sector as a way to build wealth. why does it matter: Overnight, battered bitcoin rose again above $20,000 after staying near $16,000 for weeks. But the cryptocurrency winter wiped out billions from the cryptocurrency market value. Meanwhile, … Read more