Procrastination is linked to poor mental and physical health

summary: Procrastination is associated with increased anxiety, stress, pain, unhealthy lifestyles, and delays in seeking help for general health problems. Source: Conversation College students have a lot of freedom but not a lot of organization. This can be detrimental to habitual procrastinators. Studies have shown that at least half of college students procrastinate to a … Read more

Poor internet access in Quechua affects access to information about digital security Rising Voices

Illustration by David Mauricio Gramal Cunejo of the rising voices A version of this article is also available at Kichwa Based on research on “Internet Access, Digital Security Practices, and Kichwa Use of Facebook and WhatsApp in the Kichwa People of Otavalo” by Alliwa Pazmiño in collaboration with Rising Voices In Ecuador there are 13 … Read more

Fruit flies thrive on a poor diet

summary: The regulatory mechanisms of feeding-dependent neural development can be explored at the molecular level using appropriate models, such as Drosophila. Source: Kyoto University Nutrition, as an influencing part of the physiological state of an organism, seems to extend to all stages of life. Neuronal development, including the growth of dendrites and axons, is known … Read more

Jürgen Klopp insists he is not ‘very loyal’ to players but agrees Liverpool’s performance is ‘poor’ | football news

Jurgen Klopp insists he is not “too loyal” to “underperforming” senior players, and says Liverpool will only look to bolster their squad in January if deals are “available and doable”. And Klopp has a number of issues to sort out after admitting Saturday’s 3-0 loss to Brighton was the worst performance of his managerial career. … Read more