Chick-fil-A has revealed a disturbing solution to a very big problem (not everyone is happy)

kmatija / Getty Images Companies want you to believe that everything they do makes sense. Sometimes, though, decisions are made by panicked CEOs with confused PR people screaming into their ears. However, there is sometimes a certain glory of straightforwardness in corporate reasoning. also: Amazon teams up with a fast food robot This brings me … Read more

Philip Shettle is the answer to the Rangers’ baffling power problem

As far as the Rangers are concerned, he has a 4-2-2 record in his last eight games with one more appearance on the Friday before the bye/all-star break that runs through February 5th. 1. A simple solution to the Rangers’ ongoing power-running problems is moving Filip Chytil to the first unit in place of Vincent … Read more

This asteroid lasted for 4 billion years. That could be a big problem: ScienceAlert

A huge amount of rock and other material flows around our solar system as asteroids and comets. If one of those comes towards us, can we successfully prevent an asteroid collision with Earth? Well maybe. But there appears to be one type of asteroid that is particularly hard to destroy. Asteroids are chunks of rocky … Read more

Mayor Greenberg undertakes to solve the rent assistance problem

Have a working smoke detector. An issue with LOUISVILLE’s rent assistance has often left many tenants facing potential eviction. Governor Beshear has provided $30 million in funds to the city, but the money has yet to be distributed. WLKY MARK VANDERHOFF TELLS WHY MONEY DON’T REACH THE PEOPLE WHO NEED IT. Mayor Craig Greenberg’s administration … Read more

Bridging the Digital Divide: NAIT students tackle Canada’s connectivity problem

The prototype could connect remote, rural and indigenous communities Patrick Potyuk (Wireless Systems Engineering Technology ’21) originated a good connection. He lived in a suburb near Edmonton and didn’t worry about internet access. In fact, he has spent most of his life in virtual environments. He’s tech-savvy and, as part of the gaming community, the … Read more