The Wall Street economist says the 2023 recession will look like the biggest crisis of the 1970s

Piper Sandler’s chief global economist, Nancy Lazar, explains why she expects a recession in the second half of 2023. According to one Wall Street economist, the looming recession this year will look more like the 1970s than the 2007-2008 recession. “People are focusing a lot on 2008 and 2020. That’s a lot like 1973, ’74 … Read more

Robert Kiyosaki Says ‘We’re in a Global Recession’ – Warns of Rising Bankruptcies, Unemployment and Homelessness – Economics Bitcoin News

We’re in a global recession, says Robert Kiyosaki, the famous author of the bestselling Rich Dad Poor Dad. He warned of high rates of bankruptcy, unemployment and homelessness, and noted that there is good news for investors looking for “deals”. The last warnings of Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki is back … Read more

Wall Street Week Ahead Recession fears pose a challenge for energy stocks after a stellar year

NEW YORK, Jan. 27 (Reuters) – A possible US recession and tough comparisons to 2022 weigh on prospects for energy stocks that will return to last year’s impressive trajectory, despite valuations that are still seen as relatively cheap. The S&P 500 (.SPNY) energy sector is up 4.2% year-to-date, lagging slightly behind the broader index (.SPX). … Read more

AI and the cloud can make it easier to get unemployment insurance in the next recession

According to a 2021 survey of statewide information technology directors, the pandemic has highlighted the value of technology and how important it is to the delivery of government services and the productivity of state employees. The survey also revealed that state governments are most motivated by the need for digitization: “a better online experience for … Read more

What do the initial and continuing claims indicate about the timing of the recession? – Not a discussion

BLS Initial and Continuing Unemployment Claims Data, Calculation of the Months by Mish Current data is easily accessible over a time frame when a recession may have started. In half of the last eight recessions, the recession has already started in current numbers. Monthly average of continuing claims claims Unemployment claims continue with the monthly … Read more

What is a rolling recession and are we in it? Expert explanation

By most measures, the US economy is in solid shape. Although the first half of 2022 started with negative growth, a strong labor market and resilient consumerism helped turn things around and give hope for the year ahead. Related investment news Gross domestic product, which measures the overall health of the economy, rose more than … Read more

As recession fears loom, here’s what to do with your money to prepare

A woman shops for chicken at a supermarket in Santa Monica, California, on September 13, 2022. Abu Gomez | AFP | Getty Images For those who fear a recession, the only question is when. In fact, many economists and CEOs expect a recession on the horizon this year Related investment news A recession is traditionally … Read more

This indicator of recession is approaching the point of no return. But stocks historically rise if the Fed cuts and the economy continues to grow.

It’s too early to announce the Goldilocks environment, even if the major asset classes at least point to a better opportunity for it. S&P 500 SPX Index Gained 5% this year, the high-tech Nasdaq Composite COMP It rose 8%, even with a seemingly daily influx of job cut announcements. Stay tuned on Thursday for a … Read more

The Morning Show: Tech Tonic, Rethinking the Recession

A look at the coming day in the US and global markets from Mike Dolan. Earning hopes in the US tech sector swelled in a heavy week of corporate updates overall, with the latest sign that Europe may have avoided a winter recession. With Microsoft (MSFT.O) leading US corporate reports on Tuesday and Tesla (TSLA.O) … Read more