4 Borrowing Rules Rich People Follow But Others Often Don’t

Image source: Getty Images Can you benefit from following these rules too? the main points Wealthy people borrow money just as low-income people do, but they borrow in different ways using debt as a tool to build wealth. They also borrow for various reasons, including earning rewards on credit cards that end up paying back … Read more

Here are 8 things rich people do differently that make them ‘super rich’

It took me 20 years of trial and error before I achieved a multi-million dollar net worth. Now, at 64, I get income from the 18 businesses I started and the 12,000 housing units I own. But I wish I knew sooner how rich people think about money. I’ve built relationships with many millionaires over … Read more

To succeed as an entrepreneur, do you need rich parents?

There is a firm belief that those who start highly successful businesses do so only with their intelligence, creativity, and the kind of innate entrepreneurial spirit that makes them destined to become billionaires. One claim making the rounds on Twitter made it so If you drop the air One in a “third world country with … Read more