Pamela Anderson Talks Sex Tape Saga – Rolling Stone

In the last years, It was the world of documentaries the A place for the cultural reappraisal of famous women being torn apart by the invisible hands of misogyny. A series of documentaries and investigative pieces surrounding Britney Spears, along with the fan-initiated #FreeBritney movement, brought the pop star’s austere period of restoration to an … Read more

Natasha Lyonne on that accent and how acid made her see things clearer – Rolling Stone

during the session From reporting a feature in Peacock’s upcoming delightful puzzle series poker faceWe got a lot more material from creator Rian Johnson and star Natasha Lyonne than could comfortably fit. So as a bonus, we bring you some highlights from the rest of our conversation. Last week, Johnson got us deeper into the … Read more

A star-studded, addictive series of cases-of-the-week – Rolling Stone

once upon a time At the time, most television was like poker facethe new Peacock drama he created glass onionRian Johnson starring Russian dollNatasha Lyonne. It’s a purely episodic, case-of-the-week show. Each episode makes up its own story, which Charlie Cale of Leon finds a way to wrap up by the end of the hour. … Read more

Harrison Ford is golden comedian in Shrinking – Rolling Stone

If ‘doctor, heal Yourself” was not a cliché at the time Jesus said it, and it almost certainly was shortly thereafter. (Jesus even described the phrase as a parable). Professional differences have been around throughout the history of storytelling. In other words, the premise of Apple’s new drama shrank — in which Jason Segel plays … Read more

Alexander Skarsgard, Mia Goth “The White Lotus” on Acid – Rolling Stone

The rich are They are not like you and me. They treat the world as their oyster and, with the exception of their fellow modern aristocrats, its occupants as their servants and toys. They spend their summers on private estates or stay in five-star hotels, and spend the GNP of a small country on holidays. … Read more

‘That ’90s Show’ and ‘Night Court’ breathe life into a dying form – Rolling Stone

Relies on Season, opening credits sequence to night court And That ’70s Show Run between 30 and 40 seconds. Their New Legacy – NBC night court And Netflix’s that “The ’90s Show Use intros of about 15 seconds in length, with updated versions of songs with familiar themes that are either less complex (night court) … Read more

Anna Kendrick Is Still Processing Her Trauma – Rolling Stone

Anna Kendrick tearing down. Just two months ago, her father passed away after a long struggle with liver disease. And now, the Oscar-nominated actress is in the midst of promoting the most personal film of her career — one that required her to revisit the “emotionally and psychologically abusive” past she reflects on again and … Read more

Claims of “The Price of Glee” Encouraged Cast Member Cory Monteith – Rolling Stone

Ryan Murphy Fun It was an inexplicable phenomenon in its early years. A dark comedy sitcom set in a high school glee club doesn’t look like it’s going to draw nearly 10 million viewers in a single episode, but the show has been a massive hit for Fox from the start. However, in the decade … Read more