Why IT asset management should include sustainability

Embedding sustainability into asset lifecycles is a natural way for organizations to reduce e-waste, support environmental mandates, and save money. Today’s CIOs and their teams must consider ways to help reduce costs and achieve environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. One area that can help them do both is IT Asset Management (ITAM) which helps … Read more

Greenland’s Unique Position on Climate Change – POLITICO

optics Icebergs from the Jakobshavn glacier off the coast of Ilulissat, in western Greenland. | Photos by Bradley Secker for POLITICO This story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. NARSAQ, NUUK, and ILULISSAT, Greenland As the most serene and majestic backdrop to our planet’s climate catastrophe, Greenland’s landscape is just as unique as its perspective … Read more

Solar panels are driving the clean energy revolution, but recycling them isn’t easy

As soon as one truck leaves, another truck enters. Almost every day, Anthony Fibond’s solar recycling plant in north Melbourne receives dozens of used solar panels. In the car park, multiple leaning towers of devices, held together by tie-downs, occupy the spaces. Right now, a lot of them are coming from schools where the state … Read more

The Arizona Biosphere 2 project continues the mission of exploring a changing planet

Built in 1991 to study the prospects of humans in outer space, the facility is a breeding ground for Earth science experiments ORACLE, AZ — From the beginning, the Biosphere 2 project has included all the components of a large-scale Earth science experiment that has profound implications for human survival in outer space. Can a … Read more