Top stories: iOS 16.3 release, iPhone 15 Pro rumours, macOS tips and tricks, and more

Following last week’s hardware announcements, this week saw the physical release of several new products as well as operating system updates that deliver new features and bug fixes across Apple’s platforms. This week also saw some new rumors about the iPhone 15 lineup and Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset, while we shared some tips to help … Read more

Wednesday Fantasy Hockey Tips – NHL picks, matches, and more

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3 tips IT managers can use for more sustainable device management

Information technology has a profound impact on a company’s ability to go green, starting with device management and extending into every area of ​​the enterprise. Boards of directors and other primary stakeholders are asking IT leaders to go green in their pursuit of environmental sustainability goals. “Technology leaders need to play the role of sustainability … Read more

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The ‘abundance’ of mother-calf humpback whale pairs prompts Tips for Ocean Users: Maui Now

VC: NOAA Fisheries/HIHWNMS, Ed Lyman/NOAA, Nicholas Zachar/NOAA, Pierce M Myers, Mariya Parkhomchuk. NOAA permit from cover: #18786 The presence of several mother/calf humpback whale pairs in Hawaiian waters has prompted some advice for ocean users. The Hawaii Islands National Marine Sanctuary for Humpback Whale reminds the public to reduce their speed and maintain a safe … Read more

We are using our home appliances wrong. Some energy saving tips are myths

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7 tips to move more in everyday life

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From her first $100K product, Tori Dunlap shares tips for building wealth

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Yes, your home Wi-Fi can be hacked: These 10 tips can prevent it

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