#AskFirefox host Chenae Moore on internet pranks and losing sleep over her recipe videos

Chenae Moore is the host of the YouTube series #AskFirefox. Here at Mozilla, we’re the first to admit that the Internet isn’t perfect, but we’re also quick to point out that the Internet is absolutely magical. The Internet opens doors and opportunities, allows people to connect with others, and allows everyone to find where they … Read more

Practical Report 1/26 – Fire and Ice in Florida! Photos, videos and reactions from two days of training

Two very different training days here in Florida, Insiders! How does that old saying go? When in Fort Lauderdale, do the following ………. Fort Lauderdalaridians …… Fort Lauderdalans …… Fort Lauderdalers. Something like this. Since it rained for about 76 straight days in Los Angeles, before leaving on the road, it only makes sense to … Read more

Check out these amazing virtual reality videos and photos that rival reality

Photo: Thomas Hübner Der Artikel kann nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript dargestellt werden. Bitte aktiviere JavaScript in deinem Browser und lade die Seite neu. Thomas Huebner is a virtual reality photographer and enthusiast. It renders footage with a quality you will rarely see. Immersive photography and videography are still in their niche. Playback devices, such as … Read more