Colorado Parks and Wildlife is warning residents of Grand Lake of continued mountain lion activity

Jim Averill’s security camera captures three lions crossing his home on Rapids Lane in Grand Lake in May 2022. Two of these lions may be the same lion that was killed after attacking dogs in the area. Averill reported this footage to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials. The agency released a report on January 25, … Read more

2023 Doomsday Clock announces warning of nuclear disaster

Every January for the past 75 years, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has published a new doomsday clock, indicating how close — or far — humanity is to the brink. The next release will be revealed on January 24th at 10 AM EST. It’s the first update of the watch since Russia’s invasion of … Read more

Steve Guttenberg: Nancy Brophy’s husband ignored the warning signs

1/6 Steve Guttenberg plays the husband in How to Kill Your Husband: The Nancy Brophy Story. File photo: Laura Cavanaugh/UPI | License copy LOS ANGELES, Jan. 14 (UPI) – Steve Guttenberg said the doomed pair plays into it How to Kill Your Husband: The Story of Nancy Brophypremiering Saturday on Lifetime, ignore the warning signs … Read more