Metallers Michigan Black dahlia killed He will return to the stage this spring on “worm waste” a tour. The band’s first outing after the tragic death of their frontman Trevor Strand will mark the closing “Doody” Tour and the introduction of a modified lineup consisting of the remaining and returning members of the band.

The trip will begin on April 14th with an appearance on Decibel Metal & Beer Festival in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and runs through May 26 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Support will be provided by terrorismAnd frozen soulAnd mouth smoke And phobophilic. Tickets will go on sale Friday, January 20 at 10:00 AM local time.

Black dahlia killed With terrorismAnd frozen soulAnd mouth smokeAnd phobophilic:
April 14 – Decibel Metal & Beer Festival – Philadelphia PA *No terror, a smoking mouth
April 15 – The Roxian Theatre – Pittsburgh, PA *Not a Foaming Mouth
April 16 – Irving Plaza – New York, NY
April 18th – City Hall – Buffalo, New York
April 19 – St. Andrews Auditorium – Detroit, Michigan
April 20th – The Junction – Grand Rapids, MI
April 21 – Phoenix Concert Theater – Toronto, Ontario
Apr 22 – MTelus – Montreal, QC w/ Despised Icon
April 23 – Heaven – Boston, Massachusetts
April 25 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD
April 26 – Bogart – Cincinnati, Ohio
April 27 – East Side Bowl – Nashville, Tennessee
April 28th – The Masquerade Ball – Atlanta, GA
April 29 – Beecham – Orlando, FL
April 30 – The Ritz – Tampa, Florida
May 02 – White Oak Music Hall – Houston, TX
May 03 – Mohawk – Austin, TX
May 04 – Vibes Events Center – San Antonio, TX
May 05 – Ridgelia Theatre – Ft. Worth, Texas
May 06 – Granada Theater – Lawrence, Kansas
May 07 – Summit Music Hall – Denver, Colorado
May 08 – Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, New Mexico
May 10 – Nile – Mesa, Arizona
May 11 – Belasco Theater – Los Angeles, California
May 12 – House of Blues – Anaheim, Calif
May 13 – UC Berkeley Theatre, Calif
May 14 – Ace of Speedy – Sacramento, Calif
May 16 – The Depot – Salt Lake City, Utah
May 18 – Neptune Theater – Seattle, WA
May 19 – Roseland Theatre – Portland, Oregon
May 20 – Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, British Columbia
May 22 – Union Hall – Edmonton, AB
May 23 – Palace Theater – Calgary, AB
May 25 – The Park Playhouse – Winnipeg, MB
May 26 – Skyway Theater – Minneapolis, MN

Black dahlia killed Played its first show since death Strand On October 28, 2022 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. founding member Brian Ashbach He put down his guitar and assumed the role of lead singer. back to Black dahlia killed Guitarist family Ryan Knight.

Eichbach He told Decibel magazine about it Black dahlia killedThe decision to move forward: “We spent many days thinking things like, ‘Is this over? None of us want it to end. We still feel like there’s still a lot to do, I know Trevor I’d keep this band going if I went down a deep, dark road and I wasn’t here. He is older than us. When we finally started talking about it, we thought, “Let’s remodel it from the inside and see if it is Rayyan wants to come back. I will talk about singing and see how it goes. I can’t go out and do that Trevorhis voice or try to be. I can only play music Black dahlia killed With respect and trying to do so as fairly as possible. I’ve heard Trevor performing more than anyone else alive.”

Knight He said the decision to return was easy, despite the difficult circumstances. “The time I spent with this band was the best time of my life,” he says. “Being away has given me so much time to think, and it always happened to me to be there Black dahlia killed It is the best use of my time. I have thought a lot about the band during my absence and realized how much value this band has. I almost feel like I’m letting some opportunity slip by, and walking away from the band. So, it feels great to be back again and like everything is completed. I just realized how much I love being in this band.”

Monument to Strand On July 30, 2022 at St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit. Attend the special event StrandFriends, family members, and colleagues in the music industry, incl Brian Slagel And Michael Valley from Black dahlia killedrecord label, Metal Blade RecordsAnd Broken hope guitar player Jeremy Wagner.

StrandThe death of his colleagues was announced on social media on May 11, 2022. At the time, they wrote: “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Trevor Scott Strnad. Beloved son, brother, and shepherd of good times, he was beloved by everyone he met. A walking encyclopedia of everything related to music. He was a hugger, writer, and one of the world’s greatest entertainers. His words have provided the world with stories, spells, terrors, and whims. His life was to be your show.” The band also shared a phone number The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Black dahlia killed guitar player Brandon Ellis In a separate blog post he wrote: “I can’t even begin to process this… in utter shock and disbelief. It’s been an honor to have spent the last 6 1/2 years in a band such an absolute icon and legend. My brother… best friend… is one of the funniest and funniest people around.” Down to earth.. the life of the party that is Black dahlia killed, as well as any particular room he happens to occupy. Lyrical mastermind. Champion of the entire heavy music culture. Also my biggest supporter. This man changed my life and believed in me more than myself. I can’t believe there won’t be more laughs and songs written together or plays Trevor at the helm. I hope he knows how much he was loved around the world.”

In November 2021, Strand He shared on social media that he was having a hard time dealing with the death of his mother, who “passed away a few weeks ago” “very suddenly”. “Even at 40, it’s still hard,” he wrote. “We were so close. I feel like a lost little boy. Props to the many of you who have dealt with this and made it to the other side.”

In an April 2021 interview with Metal Injection, Strand He talked about his battle with depression and alcohol dependence. At the time, he said, “At the rate I drink while we go on tour, it just can’t keep getting old. Being 40 more and being able to do what I do well and not look reckless, I have to get better with myself, and that’s really what drives me.” [for quitting drinking]. This is her heart. It’s not like that… I know I’m not fun [when I’m drinking].

“I did go eight months without alcohol, but at the time it was more to save a relationship; it wasn’t something I really wanted to do, and really invested myself in. I was bitter about having to do that after a while and I felt resentful of my partner. But it’s my choice.” I want to feel the excitement I had before I got drunk. When we started this band, I was a weirdo kid. Now it’s like… It’s so gliding for me to go on stage and be fun and be kind of carefree and be the wild guy [fans] Expect us, they’ve seen from our DVDs, which are really just a compilation of the good times. So if you’re expecting any band to totally smolder like this all the time, it’s not — it’s just not sustainable. But it got to the point where I’m having 10 drinks a day plus going to the theatre. And after two weeks of that, I was suspended every other day. I chase that hangover with more liquor, until the end of the round [by which time] I doubled my intake just to get by, basically. And this is not pleasant – it is disgusting; sucks. It starts as fun. The three of us who drink in the band are like, “Yeah, bro. Drinking time. Lo and behold.” he Fun, but not sustainable. I’ve seen pictures of myself, videos of myself where I’m like, “Yeah, you look like shit.” I don’t want to sound like shit. From now on, it would be difficult to meet people’s standards physically.

He continued, “Even though it’s a death metal band, there’s a lot of eyes on us and a lot of judgment, it’s crazy.” “We’re not a boy group. I’m not supposed to be handsome. Who cares? But people are telling you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called fat on the internet. It’s crazy — literally. You have to have thick skin to do what I do. But it also wears you out over time.” Time, man.Doing all the social media by myself and taking the brunt of any abuse Anonymous, piling in some self-doubt, piling in more anxiety, for me, as the band got bigger and bigger and there were more eyes and more Pressure “.

Trevor He went on to say that his 40th birthday was a turning point for him. He explained, “I wanted my forties to be cool. I want to look presentable; I want to be a better leader; I want to be fitter; I want to go screaming into my forty. I don’t want anyone laughing at me. I don’t want to be in wasp I want this band to continue running at such a breakneck pace, and I want to be the oldest metalhead band with grace. Fortunately, you’re in the metal can Be the oldest metalhead. It’s not like pop where they throw you away. Fortunately, this music is as much about the past as it is about the present and the future. People will always love classic metal records. And that’s something I enjoy about it. Not this disposable music that you love for a week and throw away.

“I see this band going for another 20 years. But to be physically able to do it at this level and not be outdone at all, we’re going to focus on health, longevity and sanity as well. [Laughs]”

“I was left alone with my thoughts all this time,” he added [during the pandemic] It was just too dangerous for me.”

Strand He also revealed that he was about to undergo ketamine therapy as a way to treat his depression. He said, “It’s in the vein.” “They pump ketamine into you over the course of two weeks — three days a week for two weeks. And they put you in this euphoric state for a few hours. And eventually you’ve done it enough to where your brain is making new pathways, new synapses, and you stop doing this cyclical kind of thinking.” “Self defeating. I’ve been a lot better now, but there have been times when shit has gotten too dark for me over the past couple of years.”

“You can go there as an emergency if you’re really crazy about suicide—they can take you in the emergency. You’re basically high as fuck and euphoric as fuck, and they just give you all these cool chemicals—you’re releasing all these happy chemicals and stuff.” Like that.And they keep doing it for you until you rewrite the way you think.

“Really, that put the nail in the coffin for me about the way I look at the world, and it was heavy as fuck,” he continued, referring to his life during the pandemic, referring to his life during the pandemic. “I feel like there’s no happy ending for any of us the way we set it all up – government and just everything. I feel like it’s only going to get darker and darker from now on. And that’s a lot for anyone to think about it all the time. He basically stole any little bit From the innocence I had left or whatever little blinder I had in the way. It was heavy dude. This was such a ridiculous thing to me… I’m caught up in all of this now and from my own feelings. It basically brought my anxiety to a head. It’s So much so that I have to do something.”

Founded in 2000, Black dahlia killed Named after the famous unsolved murder of the actress in 1947 Elizabeth Smart He had a number of shows scheduled for the past year, including an appearance in Daytona Beach, Florida Welcome to Rockville festival.

Black dahlia killedhis latest album, “Doody”was released in 2020. It was described in a press release as “the band’s most dynamic, exciting and soulful release yet.”

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