The White Lotus meets Midsummer when a Hawaiian resort turns evil

Mother Island by John Cohn

What do you belong to?

This supernatural thriller is about a woman who relies on passion and runs from her own life. She finds paradise, but it may come at a cost she cannot pay…

Sometimes this island can make you do crazy things, you know?

Ohana means family. But the resort staff and members are not your average family. with guests white lotus, Atmosphere Midsmarand Blood from Stephen Graham Jones, readers are on an unsettling journey with Mother Island (Deadbolt Books). Finalist for the 2022 BookLife Prize for Fiction, John Cohn He has created a haunting and thrilling novel, filled with supernatural beings, a dark past, and plotting around every corner.

On a journey from the dark past

Lee Ramos is always on the run. She has an itch that makes her walk away from a dangerous past. But somehow this itch always pushes her into the arms of another abusive man who takes her for granted. This time, she is rescued by Jesse, a meth dealer in Kentucky who wants her to be his mule. And after a failed drug use, That Itch tells Lee to run for her life. But does it work? from something or direction Something?

When Lee finds herself in Kona, Hawaii with her old, battered truck, a duffel bag of snowballs to help her remember her parents, and a secret cabin filled with methamphetamine, she doesn’t know what’s next. By some miracle, she has a job without a hitch and is ready to start her new life away from Jesse.

Heaven is not what it seems

Mahalo Club feels like a sanctuary. So does hiding behind the name Lani Kouihu, finding comfort with a resort staff full of misfits and runaways. “The way I see it, it doesn’t matter who I was before I came to Hawaii. The tide of the sea gives us a new opportunity every day to be who we want to be.” She gravitates towards Kai, the handsome team leader who offers those reassuring words and coaches her in her responsibilities. He swears to me, this time, it will be different—Kai is caring and trusting Not You try to sleep with her on the first day. It can’t be anything like her abusive ex-girlfriends.

But things move quickly between them, and strange things start to happen the day Lani arrives at the resort. And everyone can’t help but notice that she’s at the heart of it. Jessie is still hot on her heels, irritating things are washing ashore, and Lee’s itch is getting stronger. Before your eyes, in broad daylight, everything is heading towards something far more sinister.

Vivid characters and supernatural horror

Mother Island is disturbing and captivating, with complex characters and a unique plot at its core. John Cohn details the complex feelings of someone fleeing an abusive relationship. Lee wrestles with guilt for leaving someone she loves behind, and for choosing her own life over her relationship. In the end, Lee knows she deserves better, and is looking for the right path to make that possible.

The author has masterminded a compelling yet terrifying villain in Jesse and manages at times to make the reader feel sympathy for him. This in itself is a sign of a skilled writer.

Not to mention the terrifying and vivid descriptions of the supernatural and horror happenings that will have readers bracing themselves every time they turn the page. From nightmarish creatures to flies swarming rotting corpses, to a descent into the occult in other words, this is a novel you’ll think about long after it’s finished.

This unforgettable read explores the nature of bodily autonomy, the cost of sacrifice and the control we have over our narratives. Lee helps tell a story Mother Island, but she must also choose to help herself and take life into her own hands. The novel’s question at the outset seems to be: Who is the mother island? But the question Lee must ask herself when all is said and done is: who am I?

About John Cone:

John Cohn has hated himself reading horror books since he was a little kid, and he relishes the opportunity to do the same with others. When he’s not busy writing scary stories, John is a professional board game designer and publisher. He specializes in games that – you guessed it – focus on horror, which will hopefully get you a few laughs. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife and two little monsters, Luna and Gizmo.

Mother Island by John Cohn

Publication date: 7/14/2022

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller

Author: John Cohn

Pages: 275 pages

Publisher: Deadbolt Books

ISBN: 9798218023478

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