TJ Holmes may be a serial cheater, but the headlines about him are starting to look funny in the light

TJ Holmes, left; Amy Robach

Previously appears GMA3 Hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes have been fodder for news sites since photo evidence of their alleged romance surfaced online in December. While they were both on the air in the days following those photos’ release, ABC decided to pull them in order to “assess the impact of the recent revelations of a romantic relationship on the program and the company.”

The organization has also launched an active investigation into TJ Holmes’ personal relationships. Specifically, it’s the former intimate relationship he had with a former producer and another former employee of the network that is now under review to ensure there are no company violations. Now, according to Page Six, it was recently revealed else Holmes may have had an affair with a 24-year-old script coordinator – says a ‘source’ close to her – who was involved in an alleged months-long affair with the popular TV host in 2015.

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Now, while I’m all for people being held responsible for their actions (especially when those actions affect other people and children), and while I’m all for someone’s pattern of harmful behavior, I can’t help but look at the optics of this newly revealed information. This latest development comes amid a pending divorce between Holmes and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Marilee Febig. It also comes because some “sources” claim that he is now officially unemployed in the GMA3although no official statement has been released from the news organization yet. root ABC has reached out for comment on the status of the internal investigation and whether or not a decision has been made. The network declined to comment.

Although we know scandals and sensationalism sell, I’d be lying if I said the subsequent “findings” about Holmes weren’t towing the line of a smear campaign intent on making a solid case for losing his job. And to be perfectly honest, two things could be true at the same time: Holmes could be a serial cheater. And This very well might be an attempt to take his livelihood away from him.

For all intents and purposes, he and Robach were two consenting adults — on equal playing fields when it came to their websites — and engaged in an alleged extramarital affair that was kept under wraps — until it didn’t happen. Because of this, it raises a myriad of questions such as:

  • Does it seem like a violation of morals because they were married? yes.

  • Is there a mess when the people you expect to bring you the news turn out to be the news themselves? Hell yeah.

  • Is it so outrageous to see both parties act seemingly nonstop and arguably comfortable, kissing each other in paparazzi photos while their careers are potentially in the balance? Mother of hell yes.

For the record: I’m not saying Holmes is – even by his own admission – a stand-up guy. He cheated during the marriage (multiple times, allegedly) and it’s wrong, stop. But this is also between him and his ex-wife and children. It may also be between him and HR if the findings of ABC’s internal investigation prove to support past claims about other matters where power dynamics are at play — but we won’t know until we know.

What were we to get to know , HoweverAnd is that the desire to devour the last scandal will be forever tempting. I hope our insatiable appetite doesn’t cloud our judgment too much on the fact that these are real people with real feelings and have to deal with real-life consequences. Deliberately causing chaos in an already messy situation will always do more harm than good to all parties involved. For the sake of truth and for the sake of what is true, this story needs to wrap up quickly before it snowballs any more.

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