Top PSVR downloads in 2022 Betray Stagnation, PSVR 2 looks to change that – the road to virtual reality

It’s a little frustrating to see the same top PSVR game downloads repeated over the years, though hopefully this is the last time we utter names. beat saber, job simulator, And Super Hot VR In sequential order as the best performing titles for the upcoming platform.

The original PSVR got a well-deserved rest after more than six years of loyal service, no doubt. But on February 22nd, the company’s next-gen PSVR 2 headset is coming, which has the potential to shake things up somewhat as PlayStation begins drawing titles created for its latest and greatest VR headsets.

I hope to see this as a goodbye to the same top download chart, which seems to have stagnated somewhat over the past couple of years. Before we go any further, here are the top PSVR downloads in 2022:

Top downloads for PSVR – 2022

United States / Canada European Union
1 Saber won Saber won
2 Job simulator Job simulator
3 Super Hot VR Super Hot VR
4 Creed: Rise to Glory Creed: Rise to Glory
5 VR swordsman Elite Sniper VR
6 Astrobot Rescue Mission VR swordsman
7 Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality
8 Gorn Batman: Arkham VR
9 Batman: Arkham VR Arizona Sunshine
10 The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Astrobot Rescue Mission

Did you notice anything familiar? Except for Elite Sniper VRwhich is already released in 2021 (but decisively he did not do Among the top downloads that year), it’s almost identical to the chart from 2021. It looks a lot like the course for the platform’s legacy game library.

PSVR 2: Switching to a more experienced VR player?

Notably, PSVR 2 No The advantage of backwards compatibility, though, is that many of the games on the chart above are either being re-released on PSVR 2 or getting a free upgrade, so it’s very likely that we’ll see many of these titles continue to be in the charts for months to come.

Sony has also publicly announced a few PSVR 2 titles that could be strong contenders for the top spots in the months and years to come. Include popular games and franchises Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Village, Horizon Call of the Mountain, Demeo, Crossfire: Sierra Squad, Firewall UltraAnd among us vr, 2MD: VR Football All-Stars Unlocked, And Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue For example, but not limited. We’re still waiting for an official list of launch day titles and a more concise understanding of what gets upgraded and what isn’t.

Granted, I said I am Hopes To regard this as a farewell to seemingly iron-clad ratings charts, though there’s good reason why these top games perform so well on PSVR. top three –beat saber, job simulator, And Super Hot VR—Create excellent first-time VR experiences for basically anyone. After all, PSVR will likely be the first VR headset for many who already own a PS4, so the continued focus on casual VR content makes sense.

NB: Saber won A PSVR 2 re-release has been confirmed (possibly a free upgrade, but Meta hasn’t said yet), while Job simulator And Super Hot VR Still not confirmed for PSVR 2.

It remains to be seen if the “newcomers on top” model plays out the same way with PSVR 2 though in the months and years to come. Many of the best games on PS5 appeal to a more mature gaming audience (in ability to play, not age), which is reflected in the best downloads of 2022 out there: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare The second , god of war ragnarok, And ELDEN ring.

Image by Road to Virtual Reality

Although a better analogue to PSVR 2 might be Quest 2’s performance over the years, due to its position as the largest consumer VR platform. Many of the top titles on the Quest Monthly Charts offer a better mix of casual titles and longer adventures such as BONELAB, Moss: Book TwoAnd The Room VR: Dark Matter, Which could mean that the blueprint for PSVR 2 could look very different indeed.

However, for PSVR 2 to follow the same path, there needs to be a comprehensive mix of quality content for newcomers as well as the best iterations of games from days gone by. Players will be looking for new unofficial content such as Astrobot Rescue MissionAnd PlayStation VR worldsAnd Creed: Rise to Glory—The kind of games that you can draw family and friends in so that they instantly understand and play – plus the need for a steady stream of “AAA” titles like Resident Evil Village And the horizon calls from the mountain, Two of the biggest PSVR 2 users will likely be looking for the kind of graphical quality they’re used to on the flat screen.

In the end, it’s hard to say how things will change. Sony seems to be playing the PSVR 2 hype strategy more or less the same way it did with the PS5, i.e. not many exclusives and a smoother launch than expected. This may have something to do with the fact that the combined price of the PS5 and PSVR 2 headsets is around $1,100, which not only limits the number of potential game sales by a reasonable percentage, but could mean less first-party investment overall if the install base isn’t big enough. Whatever the case, we hope to learn more about the games and get a better understanding of the launch day titles during the next month leading up to its launch on February 22nd.

What do you think? Will future PSVR 2 plots look the same, be dominated by new unofficial content, or will we see more mature titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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