Was Matteo Berrettini separated and postponed by Tomljanovic? Complete relationship schedule

Tennis power couple Matteo Berrettini of Italy and Ajlan Tomljanović of Australia (formerly Croatia) began dating in 2019. Their support for each other, throughout the ups and downs of the professional tennis tour, was on dazzling display in Netflix’s second episode. breaking pointin which the pair appeared at last year’s Australian Open.

But since breaking point It was filmed, and the two have since called it quits. Here’s a full Matteo Berrettini timeline and wheel Tomljanovic relationship.

They started dating in October 2019.

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Previously, Tomljanović was linked to fellow Australian player Nick Kyrgios in an on-again, off-again relationship. (Kyrios is now dating influencer Costin Hatzi.)

“You can hear people say they’ve never dated a tennis player, because, I don’t know, they don’t like to do the same thing, that it’s always about tennis. But, really, we don’t talk about much tennis,” Tomljanovic shared in dating Brittini. When we have a need, it’s really nice to talk to each other because we understand that’s for the best. Those feelings before a big game, or after a tough loss… It’s normal, the way I’m going to respond, or he’s going to react. That’s really cool. Understanding is the way of life. And priorities. It’s good to be on the same page. It definitely works.”

Brittini echoed this in a different interview, explaining that her dating “is a positive thing because she understands me and knows the requirements of the tour. My family also tries to travel with me on certain occasions. I don’t see them as often. As I would like, but they are happy to see me enjoying this dream.” Since they started dating, it has started to play better. “It’s important to have someone who understands what I’m doing,” he said.

They often cheered each other on.

Both are quarter-finalists at Wimbledon in 2021. In this cute video, Tomljanovic says, “I like when we both play at the same time… It takes the pressure off you when you’re watching from the locker room.” “I feel ten times more nervous when I watch her match than I do when I actually play my match,” Berrettini added.

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“I know her, and I think I know how tough she is on herself,” Berrettini said of Tomljanović in October 2021. “I always tell her that she has to kind of tell herself that she’s achieved a lot with her career, and she has to enjoy what she’s doing.”

Before the Australian Open in 2022, they were photographed training together (this also shows in breaking point).

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They divorced in the spring of 2022.

Confirming they are splitting up, Brittini said at a press conference at the Queen’s Club Championship in June. “It’s just something that happens, it’s good for me, if it doesn’t happen, it’s another day, you know. But, yeah, in general, I get to spend more time with my team, I’ve spent a lot more time with when I’ve been injured, I’ve enjoyed a different kind of life.” a little “.

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A photo of them at the Met Gala on Berrettini’s Instagram is the one that remains in his feed of Tomljanović; Berrettini does not appear anywhere on Tomljanović’s Instagram.

No word yet on whether or not their breakup will feature in the back half breaking point Episodes, which will drop in June 2023.

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