Will the Metaverse surpass the hype and get closer to reality in 2023? Here’s a peek.


Adoption of immersive experiences will accelerate this year as companies launch products into the metaverse, enable transactions, improve accessibility technologies, and more. The hype of the metaverse in 2022 is now over, but will 2023 be the true future of this technology? Let’s dig in to find out.

If you visit any of the 1,100 selected Maruti Suzuki dealerships in India at present, you will come across a virtual reality headgear. It’s the way to Maruti Suzuki’s ExpoVerse, through which you can ‘visit’ the 2023 Auto Show and see the launch of their new and future cars. According to Maruti, 35,000 people have checked out the cars virtually via ExpoVerse. Like Maruti, rival MG Motor has created a 3D virtual reality based on the metaverse

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