Wilson Dynapower Wood and Metal Irons

Wilson relaunches the storied Dynapower brand with a line of woods and irons designed for strength, distance and tolerance.

Wilson Golf

Wilson has a long history of innovation in golf. From the original R90 sanding wedge to modern staff irons, their legacy is built on delivering high performance products.

Now 70 years after its initial introduction, Wilson is relaunching one of its most iconic brands – Dynapower – with a line of iron woods and irons designed to provide power, distance and tolerance for golfers of all skill levels.

Wilson Dynapower irons.

Wilson Golf

“Dynapower changed the game of golf for seven decades, and it’s time for Wilson to do it again,” said Tim Clark, President of Wilson Golf. “These powerful irons and adjustable drives are designed with our legendary history in mind as we continue to innovate and deliver the best products that raise the confidence of golfers of all skill levels. Our technology is second to none and we are incredibly proud of this new line of Dynapower products.”

History of Wilson Dynapower

Original Wilson irons.

Wilson Golf

The original Dynapower golf clubs were introduced in 1956 with a set of irons that featured a unique groove design that removed unnecessary weight from the bottom of the bucket and placed it behind the striking area toward the toe of the blade to improve tolerance. At the time your options for irons included either blades or other bladesThis design was a revolution.

Dynapower irons

Wison Dynepower 2023 irons.

Wilson Golf

The all-new Dynapower 2023 irons build on the original Weight Shift concept to redefine distance by pulling mass away from the heel side of the racquet and toward the toe where most amateurs tend not to use their irons. Using an exclusive AI modeling platform, Wilson engineers reviewed thousands of variations of iron bore variable face thickness designs to optimize iron faces across the range and deliver optimal performance on each club.

Wilson Dynapower iron from the title.

Wilson Golf

All of this is packaged into a player-favorite header to pair a high MOI level with the flashy look of the title.


The 2023 Dynapowered irons are available in both right and left hand and are priced at $799 in steel and $899 in graphite.

Dyna Power Metal Woods

Dynapower wood line.

Wilson Golf


The new Dynapower adjustable drivers are offered in two distinct models: Carbon and Titanium to help golfers set their ideal form on the tee.

Both drivers are equipped with Wilson’s dynamic PKR2 interface that’s optimized to deliver fast ball speeds, and a new six-way adjustable hose to allow golfers and golfers the opportunity to change launch and spin with just a few clicks of a wrench.

Wilson Carbon driver featuring a carbon crown.

Wilson Golf

The Carbon Model is a neutrally biased low-spin club designed for touring level performance. They feature carbon panels on the driver’s crown and sole to lower the center of gravity and provide maximum operability.

The Titanium model is a medium-to-low rotation bias head combined into the same touring-style head profile. The all-titanium body features a heavier rear weight to increase launch and elevate the MOI.

Wilson Dynapower driver specifications.

Wilson Golf

The carbon engine is priced at $499.99 while the titanium model is priced at $429.99.

Fairway Woods

Wilson Dynapower Fairway woods are designed to combine a touring-inspired shape with a shallow head profile for ease of launch and a clean look from the headline.

Dynapower Fairway foresters offer a low profile for easy launching.

Wilson Golf

Like many drivers, fairway woods feature a concentrated backweight to lift the MOI and provide extra stability for shots hit around the face, along with variable face thickness to improve ball speeds on missed shots around the face.

Wood specs Wilson Dynapower Fairway.

Wilson Golf

Dynapower Fairway woods are $249.99 each.


Wilson Hybrid 2023 Dynapower.

Wilson Golf

To complete the line, Wilson Dynapower hybrids combine a touring-inspired shaping with a shallow head profile for easy launch and alignment in heading. The lower head profile helps maintain a low center of gravity and, when combined with variable face thickness, creates an easy-to-fire putter from almost any lie.

Wilson Dynapower Hybrid specifications.

Wilson Golf

Dynapower hybrids are $219.99 each.

The entire line of Wilson Dynapower Clubs will be available for pre-sale at Wilson.com starting February 22nd and in retail stores starting March 1st.

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